Autumn Sky

Lisa Brown /  Psychic Medium 

What Is A Medium?


A medium is someone who has highly-tuned their non-physical (Psychic) senses to receive 

information, mentally and emotionally, from a person or animal  who is now in spirit (Disincarnate).

Mediums do not predict the future or tell you your fortune,  but rather work from a much

deeper place with the spirit world to help us understand our true nature as an eternal spirit with

an intrinsic relationship to God and Source.  Even an Atheist can appreciate the eternal cycles of nature:  When one season ends, it is followed by new and ever-evolving life in the next.  

I am both an evidential and psychic medium.  I have studied with some of the world's most

recognized psychics and mediums from The Arthur Findlay College,  The Journey Within, and more,

to develop my natural intuitive gifts.  I communicate with those in spirit, sharing things you will be

able to recognize, along with any other specific messages of importance, love, peace, and healing.  


Before the session, please invite your loved ones in spirit to be present.  Create a quiet space free 

from distractions.  Avoid alcohol or other mood-altering substances prior to the session to keep the vibration as high and clear as possible.  Please let me know if you are still experiencing deep grief.

Set your intention and keep an open mind:  Spirit does not always follow our wishes and commands, 

and we don't get to decide who presents, or in which order.  Spirit has its own agenda and intelligence

about what and how they bring forth the information to help me communicate their presence to you.

Write down anything that might not make sense to you at the time, as it might be better understood

or validated later on after the session.  This happens all the time!


Please allow Spirit to give the story to me, unless asked.  To avoid lengthy discussion during the session, your simple replies, such as "Yes." "No."  "Don't know." "I wouldn't know."  "I don't remember." Or "Stay with that." "Go deeper with that..." are best.  You and I can share and discuss afterwards.

I look forward to working with you and your loved ones in spirit!

With love and honor,  Lisa